Your greatest gift
is to be unique.

To prove it we have created

The smart key protected by your fingerprint for allowing payments, loyalty cards, passwords, smart keys, and digital identity.

If you have to do it,
do it with style.

Wear it as you wish, Keyble is a small smart
module to be inserted in bracelets, watch straps
and key rings.

Watch strap


Key ring

Just one touch,

Thanks to the fingerprint sensor only
you can access the features of
your Keyble smart module.

How it works?

Enroll your fingerprint, put your finger on it
and you're done!

Discover the features

Maximum control, maximum security.

All your sensitive data are enclosed and stored
in a tamper proof security chip inaccessible to anyone.

Problems with PIN code?
Use the contactless!

The wearable uses Contactless (NFC) technology for payments, ticketing, accesses to physical places and Digital Key for the car.

Where can I use Keyble?

Goodbye password, welcome
Strong Authentication!

This is the function that allows you to authenticate for Online Banking and login to websites, without the need of typing in passwords.

How passwords work?

Bluetooth, my dear
old friend.

Confirming online banking transactions or login to websites is simpler thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

How Keyble works?

You only need one,
to have it all.

  • Payment cards

    Wherever you are, wherever you go, Keyble allows you to make payments, for whatever you want you buy, without the need for physical payment cards.

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  • Tickets for public transport

    Never be late for catching a bus or train again. Paper ticket goes in retirement and gives way to Flywallet®, which will help you to be ready for checks but especially to avoid unpleasant fines.

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  • Passwords & Logins

    Weak passwords, lost codes and login problems are factors that could ruin your day and compromise the security of your data or assets. To help you eliminate this torment, we want to introduce you to your personal helper.

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  • Loyalty cards

    Collecting points becomes easier. You can keep all your loyalty cards from your favourite shops in one place.

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  • Access Badges

    Increase your productivity and safely leave your badges at home. Access physical places like your office or gym in a quick and fun way.

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  • Home keys

    Making your home smart allows you to have greater security for yourself and your family. Pair a smart lock with your Keyble, and "open sesame" will no longer be magic, but a convenient reality!

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  • Car keys

    When you lose them, when you leave them in the car, when you can't find them in the bag: keys have always been a source of stress, especially for those in a hurry. With a simple touch, Keyble also allows you to open your car.

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  • Digital Identity, SPID and eSignature

    Keyble opens the door to an increasingly technological and digital future. If a public official asks you for an ID, you bring Keyble close to his terminal and that's it. Nothing could be simpler.

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Smart Health

Vital sign





Smart Health

Use the app to configure your Keyble

The cards, keys and services we offer are easily configurable from your smartphone. You can set notifications and remote interactions with your smartphone. Download our app and start to add your stuff!

Do you want to enable your service with Flywallet?

The Flywallet platform is a unique ecosystem that connects all the services you use in everyday life.

Every service can be enabled through Keyble or the Flywallet app in a simple and secure way with your fingerprint.

Get on board
and fly with us!

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